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The moving industry is extremely competitive which is why acquiring potential clients is so important to keeping your business profitable. With our program, we will help vet and bring the leads to the front door of your local moving company. Affordable Movers USA looks to ensure generating moving leads that encompasses local, long distance and even international prospects. Signing up is both easy and FREE! Our process works as follows

  • Your business signs up as a vendor
  • We find a potential lead in your area
  • We vet their project
  • The job is then sent to you for your approval
  • We only get paid for the reservation deposit

Moving companies are faced with the difficulty of whether they should buy a list of leads or find them online. Online leads are the more viable leads for any business but the investment to obtain these leads is extremely expensive. However, they are more highly qualified, and they show the intention to purchase a service. These are the leads that we refer to our vendors without any monthly charge. These potential clients are in demand of a service for a specific time and location. If a lead is not in your service location or they’re no longer in need of your service then that list of purchased moving leads is useless. That’s why we perform this vetting process in real time when the lead is still active. Have a question? Call (972) 887-5512 to learn more today!

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